New Amazing Items Coming Soon

Well well, it took a good few days out of my life but i did it, got the site polished to presentable level and translated to Polish of course no shopping is possible here as of yet and all links forward to our Etsy shop but it will change sooner or later too, but for now i’m happy and job well done.

We got new year and new items coming soon too, we will create new listings when time allow us to do so but for now here is pre-premiere

first of all valentines day heart earrings

red rose and gold valentines earrings, perfect git for woman


Red rose with the gold flakes in the form of little hearts features gold plated backing and setting

various pendants


the one here is made of natural turquoise fern and flowers



and here large flower with some opal which unfortunately has gone out of focus on that photo but those are nice iridescent chunks



here is fern with chunks of iridescent opal



and here tiny composition of fern and flowers, as you can see Irene got obsessed with fern at this time and it is pretty omnipresent in her creations, those are cute little leafs and look really nice cast in resin

Ear plugs aka gauges

those are my specialty but perhaps i was too slow  to create new items and got partially invaded by Irene, i promise to be back with the new stuff pretty soon but for now we have those little beauties waiting to be uploaded to shop


this is mushroom on the black tourmaline (i think) background with the touch of mica giving it aura of something i could describe as mushroom night trip party, photo don’t do them a justice



those are flowers of ???wild carrot??? on the glittery background, again photo don’t express beauty of the setting, perhaps i will have to try video or change arrangement



here is the totally unknown for me flower (but i liked it a lot so he ended up in the piercing) on the lapis lazuli background with…  …glittery addition of course, i like it so much that i think it gonna be year of glittery thing for me



and here we are back to fern and flowers again, very girly chick composition


That’s all for this time, i will broadcast newsletter when all of them get to the store

All the best from AlpacaBlue