A small word about us, AlpacaBlue Jewelry shop and owners

What about us people behind AlpacaBlue store?

Once upon a time we decided it is about the time to brake free from at the time mundane state of affair and dedicate ourselves to something we like most – creation, we joined innate female creativity and male technical ability into family run AlpacaBlue jewelry workshop. We spent quite some time experimenting trying new techniques tools materials and designs, we did hit and miss a lot and a lot of our creations ended up unworthy to be placed on sale, we still miss from time to time, it is part of our job but today we can say we offer you top end resin jewelry.

Today we are the one of the top Etsy sellers with the thousands of sales and happy customers, we are proud of our Five Star score and we can say it honestly We have earned it, We do our best to make our customers happy with the purchase and service and we are pretty sure You are.

We offer custom jewelry items made to order or ready to ship all tailored to your needs. Each piece is handmade with care, patience making a little treasures unique and special.

All our items are Made In and Shipped from Poland
We love magic world of nature, you can see forests, mountains and sea reflected in our craft. Charged with good vibration and love

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