AlpacaBlue Jewelry Care Instructions

Resin Items

Proper care for your jewelry will help it last longer so have a look at our tips and tricks and make it happen.

Resin is a soft material, much softer and more brittle than metal and similar to plastic or ceramic in its strength, it does react with certain chemicals and don’t respond well to very high temperatures, so to expand life of your jewelry don’t expose it to detergents, disinfectants, antibacterial soaps, hand creams alcohol etc. exposure may partially dissolve your jewelry making it soft or loose luster, if you find it necessary just wash it with a warm water. Rings may brake if enough pressure applied on circumference so we advise to remove your jewelry before sleep or undertaking any jobs and store it in the safe place,.

Our resin contains UV filters which blocks part of sunlight but Items made with the organic matter like dry flowers or moss may fade in color if exposed to sunshine for extended periods of time, this is normal and should be expected but as a matter of precaution don’t leave your jewelry in full sun

We use food grade epoxy resin, it is odorless non toxic and safe to contact with the skin so wear it with the confidence

We do test our items constantly for quality controls, we do stress test jewelry items randomly and they last perfectly well if proper care given

Silver Items

Silver items does not need any special care and are hard and durable but during their lifetime they will slowly fade and lose their luster, to bring them back to previous glory you can use silverware polishing compound on them anytime you feel it is needed, it often comes as polishing liquid soaked soft clothe which you rub against silver and once dry give the final touch with second clean cloth. But take notice. silver exposed to hard abrasives like sand or metals may get deeper scratches or marks which are going to be harder to remove if not impossible later