Quo Vadis Etsy – Making sense out of the mess

So how we got to build our own store you ask?

Well, it was up and running for years as an our product showcase with the link to etsy, so decision was easy one although job of moving all the stuff was not.

As for today we moved a bit under a half of our products and it was a hard job, editing the descriptions replacing the photos and keeping everything up to standards requires a lot of time

But that’s not the main question of this post, but rather what pushed us to undertake such an arduous endeavor

Quo vadis Etsy

For all of you etsy sellers out there, it is not an surprise that something went really really wrong with the portal, our sales suddenly dropped, dropped of the cliff you would say, i would rather call it off the mount everest, and no, it is not us who messed something or did not keep up to etsy requirements which were getting weirder by the day

Etsy was on self destructive patch for some years already, perhaps biggest failure was to allow in aliexpress resellers at 5x price as genuine artist and creators, junkie mentality which gave etsy short boost in cash but fucked up their customer base, because who likes to be cheated, after purchase of some dodgy fake gold ring for 40$ you discover it was neither handmade nor gold nor cost 40 cause immortal omnipresent google cookie tracked your purchase and linked to aliexpress ads which show you just the same ring for 2$ wherever you go around the internet, an steady reminder that you were fool and etsy a fucker.

How many beating are you gonna take

Fool me once….

And then came the best, and etsy got magnificent idea to outsource their IT department to india, poor loosers, and got immediately and industrially scammed by them, continuous flow of messages smelling curry from an mile, trying to coerce you to pass all your details from grandmother maiden name to visa pin number went on for an year, poor etsy didn’t know how to fight them cause… drum roll… it was internal, did they expect that same indians scamming entire portal will also provide IT solution to their own scams?

no way

And i won’t mention what happened to etsy algorithms which alienated both sellers and buyers, i wouldn’t be surprised if only sellers doing well on etsy now are indians themselves

go figure

I would suspect that etsy shareholders would take some actions trying to prevent their money going down the indian toilet drain, if there is any of course, but most likely they got hypnotized by hand waiving sweet lies spelling CEO who got them convinced that it is all fault of the economical downturn

but is it?

while downturn is obvious online sales are constantly growing everywhere but on etsy itself

While other similar to etsy portals grow exponentially etsy did something seemingly impossible to accomplish in those circumstances,

lost 50% of its stock value

the same 50%+ which we sellers lost in our income

So no, it is not us who forgot to include ecofriendly, blm, lgbt tag in our listings, or didn’t apply for out of teenage nursery attendant mind idea of Gift Mode on time, it is etsy itself who decided to happily self destruct for…

…exactly what for?

The old as the world trick of reducing value of company in order to sell it to friendly bidder, unaccounted wealth transfer at cost of investors and sellers

So here is answer to quo vadis etsy

And the main reason for us to push our store forward and look for greener pastures, who knows how long before etsy finally collapses taking all unprepared souls with it

look at babia gora from polica

Only word of help for you sellers: diversify your sale channels

And for you buyers: enjoy the adventure of the active search for sellers out of etsy and be very very discerning while you buy on etsy, the joke is that before you purchase something on etsy look at chinese auction portals first, chance is, they have item you are looking for at fraction of the etsy price

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